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Last Updated: Oct 23, 2012 03:33PM EDT
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Dot User Guide

Thanks for purchasing a Dot from Kogeto! This is your step-by-step user guide to get you started shooting 360-degree videos.

  1. What is Dot?

    Dot is a panoramic lens that clips onto your iPhone 4/4S and lets you record 360° video that we call "dotspots". You can view these dotspots on your iPhone as well as your computer, and share them with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email and

    How does it work?

    Kogeto's compact and durable iCONIC lens works with the iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 HD video camera to capture full 360° video — all at once — without stitching frames together. Our unique catadioptric optical system is fully AR-coated for excellent color fidelity in all environments. Dot is a lightweight attachment that doesn't require batteries or external power.

  2. How do I use it?

    Simply snap Dot onto the back of your iPhone. Dot's lens will match up with your iPhone's camera lens.

    Please note that Dot won't fit over phone cases. You can keep Dot attached to your phone all the time (like we do!) or just snap it on when you're ready to film.

    Remove the film!

    We put a layer of plastic film around the lens to protect it during shipping. Be sure to remove this before you start dotting.

  3. What is Looker?

    Looker is a free, fun, simple app compatible with your Dot 360 iPhone attachment for iPhone 4 / 4S / 5.

    Go to the iTunes app store, search for Looker, and download it onto your iPhone.

    Once you have downloaded Looker, open it up to start making 360-degree videos.

    Looker will take you straight into camera mode- just calibrate, hit record and set your phone on a table, prop it on a dashboard, or carry it around the world with you.

    You can share your videos (via facebook, twitter, email, or dotspots) right from your phone. You can also Trim the ends of your videos, or flip your video 180 degrees (this is handy if you filmed with your iPhone screen facing up).

    First, you will be prompted to create a dotspots account.

    Just pick a username and password you will remember for the future – you'll need it to login to dotspots on your phone and on your computer. Once you create an account, you can also share your videos on Facebook, Twitter and email, as well as in your dotspots account.

    Once you've uploaded your videos from Looker, not only can anyone with the Looker app view them, but you can also view, share and manage them all from your computer in either iTunes (when your phone is connected to your computer)  or dotspots.

  4. Your Dotspots account

    Dotspots is the world's first-ever panoramic video sharing platform. When you start filming videos with Looker, you will be asked to set up a Dotspots account. Or you can visit to sign up for a dotspots account and manage your videos.

    On dotspots, you can:

    • edit your bio
    • add a photo
    • edit the titles and descriptions of your videos
    • make your videos public or private
    • list or unlist your videos in search results
    • choose to allow comments on your videos
    • view other people's dotspots
    • favorite and comment on other people's dotspots
  5. Using Dot and Looker together

    Tapping "Shoot" is how you record videos. Here is the "Shoot" screen.

    Tap the question mark in the top left corner if you don't know what the heck calibration is. Then click "Done" to return to the "Shoot" screen and calibrate your lens! (We'll come back to this later.)

    Tapping "Share" will take you to a list of your dotspots (your list will be empty if you haven't shot any videos yet).

    Tapping "Featured" will let you search for and view other people's dotspots on your phone. Try it out! Tap one and while it's playing, swipe your finger across the screen to swirl around. Soon, your videos will be searchable in this section (if you choose to make them public, that is)!

  6. What is Calibration


    Use your fingers on your screen so that it lines up with the "donut." You can change the size of the circle by "pinching" in or out as needed.

    Poor Calibration:

    Good Calibration:

  7. I'm ready to shoot!

    Okay, you're calibrated and ready to shoot your dotspot!.

    Tap on "Shoot" and make sure your lens is calibrated.

    Press the red dot in the upper right hand corner when you're ready to begin shooting your video.  A countdown clock will appear as soon as recording begins.

    Timed recordings:

    If you want to record for a specified period of time, hold down the UP volume button (or the red record button) and a dropdown menu will appear.  You can select the amount of time you'd like to record. 

    Holding your Dot:

    The best way to keep your fingers out of the shot depends on how you're planning on using Dot.

    If you're planning on carrying Dot while recording, your palm should face the front of your iPhone.

    If you're planning on putting Dot down while recording, your palm should face the back of your iPhone.

    When you're done shooting, press the red button again to stop recording.

  8. Sharing your dotspots

    You will be automatically taken to the "Info" screen.

    You will see a thumbnail of your dotspot. Tap it to see how it turned out!

    If you like it, you can start sharing. Tap edit to give your dotspot a name and description.  Tap Trim to adjust the length of your dotspot, and tap Flip to turn your video 180 degrees.

    The icons are for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, emailing to a friend, and

    Congratulations! You've filmed your very first dotspot!

  9. Editing your dotspots

    Click here for a complete guide on editing your dotspots in Final Cut Pro!

    Please contact us for further assistance:



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